Urgence Expat

Your essential warranties for your expatriation

Expatriation is increasingly common, either for professional assignment by lifestyle choices or looking for opportunity.

When on an adventure to discover an unknown world, with its own resources savings, it is difficult to opt for an assurance of comfort that is usually quite expensive.

To better manage your budget, we offer a cover essential guarantees :

A medical emergency, hospitalization or an accident occurring during stay, regardless of your health insurance system (local or international), URGENCE EXPAT 'helps you complete your insurance or manage unpredictable events.

If the « Guide du Routard » helps you find great deals on your travels, emergency Expat adds a service and more.

We offer a unique offering in the market for the benefit of French expatriates abroad.

Guarantees :

  • In case of accident,    
    Support for medical expenses up to 30 000€.
  • In case of medical hospitalization in the country of expatriation,         
    Organization and management of travel of a close and stay at the hotel for 10 days, for assistance and help with various tasks of the hospital.
  • Private liability,             
    Coverage of bodily injuries, property damages and immaterial damages caused accidentally.
  • In case of death of a relative in Metropolitan France, 
    Provision of transport at departure as your place of residence abroad to come to the funeral of the nearest metropolis (near the age of 75 years upon subscription).
  • In case of death of the subscriber or assigns,  
    Organization and management of the repatriation in France, plus a companion ticket.
  • In case of death of the subscriber,        
    Payment of a capital death benefit up to 50 000€.


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