Your obsequies warranty

Accident, illness, death can occur at any time or any age and do not always happen to others.

Subscribe a life insurance plan when you are young and healthy is to take its provisions and not to transfer the problem to others.

Burial in France, a body repatriation abroad, incineration etc. significant expenditure and tedious procedures.

An annual subscription to a very cheap price and detention of a simple assistance card allow you to access a platform reached 24H / 24, 365 days a year. Guests have on call, advice, assistance and a support costs related to the service desired by the family in case of death.

You are a metropolitan French or overseas territories or naturalized, an immigrant, a foreigner / resident, a student, a diplomat, whether for personal or religious reasons, you wish for death, burial in the country of residence or repatriation to any destination of the world, our offer has been custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Our warranty support offers one of the following benefits by family choice :

  • Repatriation and accompaniment to the Whole World
    • Organization and management of transport costs, the location placed in the coffin to the nearest international airport of Burial,
    • Support for additional transport costs to the place of burial or cremation,
    • Provision of a transport ticket to / for a family member to accompany the deceased and the funeral.
  • Burial in the country of residence in metropolitan France, Corsica, Monaco
    • Organization and management of administrative formalities of setting beer, a coffin and transport to the burial site.
  • Other services
    • Reimbursement of funeral expenses in case of death in the country on a trip not exceeding 90 days in accordance with the provisions of the general conditions,
    • At the request of the family, organization and management of cremation.


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