Jeune Assur

You are young and you are abroad

You are young, healthy and need to stay temporarily abroad, in the following settings:

  • Exchange as part of your studies,
  • Erasmus,
  • Traineeship,
  • Working Holiday Program,
  • As the au pair or other personal purpose.

We offer a solution covering the essential guarantees and the medical emergency.

A young is always free to travel, but being healthy and often with a limited budget, insurance can seem secondary. To manage the unexpected, we propose to ensure what is urgent and essential: an accident, hospitalization, early return, repatriation assistance or your kin there.

Jeune Assur so is your companion to bring you an insurance 1ST Euro cheap, for emergencies or for additional guarantees your health insurance for uncovered risks.


  • In case of accident
    Support for medical expenses up to 100 000€.
  • In case of hospitalization in the country of stay
    Organization and management of travel of a close and stay at the hotel for 10 days, for assistance and help with various tasks of the hospital.
  • In case of death of a relative in Metropolitan France
    Provision of transport at departure as your place of residence abroad to come to the funeral of the nearest metropolis (near the age of 75 years upon subscription).
  • In case of death : 
    In case of death of the suscriber, Organization and management of the repatriation in France  and Payment of a capital death benefit up to 30 000€.
  • Private liability : 
    Coverage of bodily injuries, property damages and immaterial damages caused accidentally.


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